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Want to learn more about the stock market and FOREX trading? Trading as a hobby or you stock business income source? Whether you are interested in stock exchanges, trading in gold, silver or currencies…?

FTI Signals and courses are all you need. The courses deal with the procedure of trading in financial markets and technical and fundamental analysis on the basis of which decisions on purchase / sale of shares or other financial instruments traded.

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If you are employed, you probably were not able to follow the market at any time .

Imagine if every time there is interesting trade, you get informed and prepared ? FTI FX FOREXanalysis and signals you will receive via SMS and email, with detailed instructions for the store! If you trade is not the main business, the signals are ideal for you because you will in time be informed of the potential stores and positions for which you will be ready.

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Estimates of price movements of gold, euros, dollars, the price of shares and other financial instruments are our specialty. Are you interested in who will be the euro exchange rate in the future, the price of gold for the next month, three months, a year ? Or you still need a detailed analysis of price movements some of the action from New York Stock Exchange? If the results of the previous guarantee of future performance analysis, our accuracy would be close to 99%.

Join us if you want to know where currency spare, what would happen to the price of gold, what will tomorrow be the dinar exchange rate, the euro or any other currency!

5 History facts about Stock Exchange

Stock and FOREX markets are unpredictable and the man’s behavior, if not more. The reason is perhaps that it has a history that includes so many interesting facts. We have selected five historical, the most interesting fact about the stock market. They will not do better for investors, but for sure you will learn something new.

1. The New York Stock Exchange is the largest American stock market

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which was established in 1792, is the largest stock exchange in the United States. Dealer company has created NYSE drafting documents the rules and regulations as the Buttonwood Agreement. NYSE is so developed, that once traded and by 2.1 billion shares in a single day.

2.  The Dow Jones was named after the press

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was named after Charles Dow and Edward Jones, and it is interesting that both of them were journalists. They formed the Dow Jones and Company in 1882. Charles Dow stood out as an exceptional journalist who could all texts, the most complicated financial issues, to write in a way so that every person could understand. Their famous newspapers have developed in the Wall Street Journal.

3. Of the five largest stock exchange in the world, three are American

NYSE is the world’s largest stock market, then the NASDAQ, and the other three do not belong to the United States. Other three are:

Tokyo Stock Exchange,
London Stock Exchange,
Shanghai Stock Exchange.

4. The first bonds traded in the United States, were war bonds.

1970 in the US, sold about $ 80 million of bonds to repay debt, which arose during Revolution war. It was the first public, national securities trading. The Treasury Department sold the six types of bonds and securities.

5. Sudden ups and downs, have led to the emergence of the Great Depression

During 1920 a lot of money invested in shares. This caused stock prices to rise. During the decade, many critics have argued that the rise in share prices unbearable and it would significantly weaken the US economy. The first mini “stroke” to the US economy, was felt in 1929, but the market quickly recovered and has steadily progressed, until 24 October, when it occurred so quickly that it caused panic. On that day, investors have sold as many as 12.9 million shares for the day. That day was named “Black Friday”. The market continued to fall, and the lowest point reached in 1932.

As it was proved that the fall in stock market caused the formation of the Great Depression, the history of the stock exchange has very close links with the history of the country.aracer

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